At Step Smart Podiatry, we understand how Diabetes can cause serious complications to your foot health such as,  Peripheral Arterial Disease (Loss of circulation to your feet) and Neuropathy (Loss of protective sensation in feet). If you have Diabetes it is critical that you have your feet examined on a regular basis.

Every foot Is unique, so we make customised orthoses as treatment for many lower limb problems. At Step Smart Podiatry we use scanning technology to take 3D images of your feet, then design orthotics customised for your feet and injury. Orthotics change the load patterns of the foot to improve function and performance, and also help manage injuries.

Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of a nail applies too much pressure on or pierces the skin of the nail sulci. It is a painful condition and one of the most common conditions we help our patients with. Nail surgery is a common procedure used at Step Smart Podiatry to effectively treat ingrown toenails.

Many people find it difficult to care for their skin and nail problems. In some cases, nails can be difficult or painful to cut, or skin can be hard and thick. Corns can develop in this hard skin if left for long periods without treatment. Most general care is done on a 6-8 week basis.

Heel pain is the most common foot complaint reported. There are many causes of heel pain, but the most common is known as Plantar Fasciitis. At Step Smart Podiatry we can diagnose and help with all types of heel pain.


We can help if you have injured a lower limb muscle or tendon during sport. Podiatrists at Step Smart Podiatry can create a exercise or rehabilitation plan for your injury to get you back on track.

As children grow, their feet also have a lot of growing to  do. Your child’s feet are the vehicles they use to explore, play and compete. maintaining healthy feet is vital for children to have a happy and fulfilling childhood experience. Have their feet checked and footwear assessed regularly.

When it becomes to hard for our lovely patients to get to the clinic due to age or immobility, Step Smart Podiatry can provide a home visit service. This service ensures your loved one continues receiving the Podiatry care they need on a regular basis.


Biomechanical assessments allows us to identify abnormalities in your lower limb joints and their range of motion. It also aids in determining your foot type and foot posture. It is also excellent in identifying risk factors for foot injury.

Video gait analysis allows us to identify any abnormalities
in your walking or running style. This helps us to carefully tailor a plan to have you feeling at your best!

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